How to Download Pinterest Videos

Pinterest video download

Through this article, we will know how to download Pinterest videos? In today’s time, many people use different types of social media websites, in which many types of videos are uploaded by the users. Many people get information and enjoy this type of platform, but you can only watch these videos online on such a social media platform’s apps and website, here no option is given to download the video.

Many times it happens that when we watch a video on a platform like Pinterest, then we like that video and we think about downloading it, but due to the lack of a download option for Pinterest video, we cannot download that video on mobile and also users are not able to save in the Gallery, but now you do not need to worry at all about this, by reading the information given here, you can easily download the Pinterest video on your mobile, laptop or computer.

How to download Pinterest videos in best quality

Pinterest is being used by many people in today’s time and many people from all over the world publish posts in the form of videos through this platform and connect with each other all over the world if you are a Pinterest user and always like to use Pinterest videos and you want to download video content on it. If you want to save in the memory of your devices like computer or mobile, then you can do this work very easily and go with given information given here.

To download a Pinterest video, users didn’t get any download option but if you like some videos on Pinterest then you have to understand a simple trick about the downloading process, with the help of which you can download any video uploaded on Pinterest to your mobile or computer with ease and security and also you will get the good quality video if you always love to Pinterest videos and want to download it for this read the complete information given here.

How to download a Pinterest video on mobile?

Pinterest video download
Source: Pinterest

If you use a smartphone and use any mobile iOS or Android, then you can download the Pinterest video by following the information given below.

• According to your device, open Android user Play Store and iOS user App Store
• Search for Pinterest video Downloader app
• Download and install your favorite app
• Now copy the link of the video you want to download through Pinterest
• Paste the link of the copied video into the app
• Now you will get the option to download the video through the app
• By clicking on the Download button, you can download the Pinterest video in mp4 quality.

How to download Pinterest video to computer

If you use Pinterest’s website on a computer and if you like any video and you want to download it, then you follow the information given here, here we will tell you that you can download the Pinterest video without any app or software. Let’s know about it.

• Open the Pinterest website on the Chrome browser on the computer or laptop
• Now play the video you want to save or download
• Copy the link of the video using the share button
• Now open the new tab and open Pinterest Video Downloader on Google
• Paste the link of the copied video in the online tool
• With the help of the tool, you will get the option to download
• Download the video by clicking on the download button

There are many tools related to video download on the internet, where you can use any tool of your choice online, through a tool you can download video content in mp4 quality. Many types of online tools are updated on Google, so you should always use the latest tool which can easily download your Pinterest videos.

In this way, using an online tool, you can download Pinterest videos to a laptop or PC, this is an easy method where you do not need to download any kind of software or application. You can also use this method on your mobile, you can easily open the Pinterest video Downloader

Many people feel that it is unsafe to download videos, using any such tool or app, but for your information, let us tell you that you can do this work in a safe and legal way, in this, you can download the Pinterest video on your mobile in less time. Or you can save it on a computer. You can follow any of the methods given here according to your convenience.


Technology has made things around us very easy. In today’s time, there are various types of apps on mobile phones for entertainment, including Pinterest, this app has some security policy, under which it allows to download any video. But using smart way, you can download Pinterest videos very easily, for this you can use both app and online tools, both methods are effective and legal.

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