How to Record Calls on Apple iPhone


In the age of technology, everyone uses an attractive smartphone. In today’s time, the Apple iPhone device is the choice of many people. Apple’s phone is known for its excellent performance, so many people prefer to use iPhone. Known for its features, quality, and expensive prices, many people consider it their pride to use this phone, iPhones are the best phones from the security point of view, since Apple is an American company, so according to its policy, it will call recording in Device. Does not provide an official option, so many users have problems with it.

In view of security and privacy in the Apple iPhone, the option of the voice call recording is not given inbuilt, so users who need to record calls, do not get this feature in this phone if you are an iPhone user and you Often there is a need to record a call, then read this information given here, here we will know how you can record a voice call on your iPhone using the trick but the option of call record is not given in the iPhone because It violates privacy, so if you record someone’s call, then definitely inform him about it first.

How to Record Calls on Apple iPhone

If you want to record incoming or outgoing voice calls on your iPhone, then you can take different measures for this, under this we will tell you some popular ways in which you can use third-party apps and even without the app. You can record calls.

If you want to do call recording on iPhone without using any external app, then read this information given below for that.

How to record calls on iPhone without any app

Being an iPhone user, if you want to record voice calls on your phone without any external app, then for this you need a separate smart gadget, in which you can record the call by turning on the speaker of the mobile when the call comes. For this, you can use any device mobile, tablet, laptop, or another recording gadget.

• To record voice calls, keep the recorder active on any of your devices like laptop, computer or other mobile

• Now you can make calls or receive incoming calls on your mobile

• After the call is connected, put the mobile on hand-free mode

• Now talk by moving the phone near the device so that your voice call will be recorded

• Save the recorded recording on the device after disconnecting the phone

• In this way you can record the call through another device.

How to Record Calls on iPhone with Google Voice?

If you want to record and save voice calls on your iPhone, then you can also use Google voice, this is a very good way, with the help of which you can very easily record any incoming or outgoing call. By reading the given information carefully, you can understand how to record voice calls using Google Voice?

Step 1. First of all install Google Voice on your iPhone with the help of Apple App store

Step 2. Login to this app using google email

Step 3. After logging in, open the app and go to the search option

Step 4. Here you get the option to select the number where you select the number on which you want to call

Step 5. After entering the number, click on the option of Next

Step 6. Now you type your mobile number

Step 7. After this, an OTP or verification code will come on your mobile number which you will verify

Step 8. By confirming the number in this way, you can complete the account of Google Voice

In this way, once an account is created on this app, you can record the call like this

Follow these steps to record call

  • Go to the Google Voice website with the help of a browser on your mobile
  • Click on the option of setting given in the top right side
  • Inside the menu, you will find the option of call, click on it
  • Enable the incoming call option by sliding down

Once you have made this setting, you have to press 4 to record the call. When you record a call of a person, he will be given a notification of call recording, in this way you can record a call on iPhone in a legal way.

After the call is completed, the voice call recorded by you will be saved in the voice mailbox. Using this option you can record any incoming and outgoing call.


• You can share recorded call anywhere in this app

• This is an ad-free app for iPhone call recording

• With the help of this app you can record voice calls in high quality

TapeACall Pro

This is also a third-party app that gives the option of call recording in iPhone, using this app, if you want to do any type of call recording in your Apple iPhone, then you can do this app is available in both free and paid version. You can record calls for up to 60 seconds using the free version.


• This App Provides Unlimited Calling Facility

• In this app also get the option to share the recorded voice

• You can also attach different labels to the recording

• Can convert the recorded call to mp3 through the app.

Call Recorder iCall

This is a great app for iPhone users, which you can use to record any call, although this app is a paid app you can use its free trial for about 3 days, if you like its quality then your paid version can also be used.


• This app is very easy to use

• It is very flexible when making calls

• There is no call recording duration

• It also supports international calls.

Automatic call recorder

It is an amazing call recorder app with a great interface that is used by many users as a call recorder. It also offers many attractive features.

Special Features:

• With this app you can record different categories of voice calls

• In this app you also get the option to edit the recording.

• In this app available for iPhone, you get the option of speech text

• No connectivity is required to record calls here

iRec Call Recorder for iPhone

This app is a quality call recording app for Apple’s iPhone, which you can download and use for free, this app is not completely free, for this, you have to pay annually, let’s know about its features.


• In this app you can easily record international calls

• Speech to text recording option is also available in this app.

• This app provides great options like screen recording

There are many types of apps on the Internet for iPhone users, which are designed to record voice calls, technology has been created for the benefit of users, so it should not be misused; Recording voice is a threat to one’s privacy. Therefore, use the app mentioned here wisely.

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