Remove the Past Burden – The burden of memory


The sadhguru is telling you how to get rid of the burden from yesterday and how not to let the burden of yesterday get in the way of your life.

The more we value our own uniqueness, the more we are bound by the past. Sadhguru says that if we could let go of this weight, we would be able to move through life and death with ease.

When we talk about “me,” it’s just a bunch of information that we have in our heads. When we say, “I’m a good person,” “I’m a bad person,” “I’m haughty,” “I’m humble,” or something else, we’re just expressing our thoughts. In other words, we are just living through our past. This is called “accumulation of the past.” Most people are lost if their past is taken away. Everything for them is based on the past. From the past, there is a person who looks like this now.

So, as long as personality is important, it means that the previous moment is in charge of everything. The present is no longer important.

People used to like you, but now they don’t. When you have a dead body on your back, you can’t go very far. You can only go in the direction of the graveyard. If you carry a dead body around for a long time, you will smell bad. Stronger your personality is if it has a strong smell to it

Because of your past, you can only go far in life. When a snake sheds its skin, it’s like that. It’s part of the snake’s body one minute, then it’s thrown away the next. The snake doesn’t look back. People only grow when they are like a snake, always leaving their skin behind. An honest person is not to blame when he or she doesn’t have to deal with the burdens of the past. Jesus was innocent, but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t have a goal in life. That would make you a dead person. To learn more about life, he did everything a person could do. But his actions didn’t leave a trail, and he didn’t become a person based on his actions.

Because we have a personality, it doesn’t have any life of its own. Having a dead body on your back makes it hard for us to get very far. And we can only go in one direction: to the graveyard. If we transport a dead body for a long time, we will have to deal with bad smells. It gets stronger the more smelly we are.

Putting the past in the past will free you from the burdens of the past, so do this.

To move forward in life, we need to let go of our past. This is like a snake getting rid of its old skin. In one minute, it’s inside the snake. Then it’s thrown away and the snake doesn’t look back. Only when someone is like a snake and leaves their skin behind can they grow. He is truly innocent when he doesn’t have to carry the burdens of the past around with him. Having no sins does not mean that we haven’t done anything with our lives. That would mean that you’re dead. Everything a person could do to learn about life, but our actions did not leave a trail, and we did not make a person out of them. This is what happened:

Only the person who doesn’t bring the past into the present is free of everything. And that excellence will be felt all over. In a few minutes, people will trust us so much that they won’t trust their parents, husbands, or wives. That’s because we don’t have the baggage of the past with us.

Leave the smell alone and forget about your past.

If we keep the past with us, we’ll smell like everyone else, too. The whole world smells like personalities. Everyone has their own unique smell or personality. These are the many smells in the world, and they always fight. Everything that causes us to be angry or afraid comes from the past. When we carry the weight of the past and the future, we become true aces, too. Nobody can spend his life in an intelligent way while he’s carrying that much weight around with him.

Past Burden 2022

If someone doesn’t have this smell, they can go through this world. This guy is very good at going through the sea of samsara. This person will not have to do anything to make something happen that looks like a lot of work for someone else. Even when you die, you’ll be able to walk through life and death with ease.

ideas for getting rid of the past

  1. Do what you want in life.
    Second, don’t be alone. Make friends with the people who are near you.
    The third thing to do is not to try to change what has already happened, so don’t.
    It’s just a memory, don’t be afraid of it, because it’s just a memory, not something bad.
  2. Don’t pay too much attention to what you remember from the past.
  3. When we try to get rid of a memory from the past, it bothers us. Otherwise, it is just a memory.
    When you make a mistake again, don’t make the same mistake again.
  4. When you transcend the mind, you won’t be able to think about things from the past.

There will be very little time for us to think much about what we need to do next if we only think about what happened before. At some point in the future or at any time, we don’t remember what happened in the past. That means we only think about the things that happen right now. That’s fine, too. If we forget the things that happened in the past, we will make the same mistake again in the future, which means that the memories of the past are very important to live in our lives. We can’t live without the memories of the past, we can’t live without them.

If you’ve heard of Suka, then you know who she is. Vyasa was his father. In real life, Suka was a sin-free person. Some events in his life were important to him. On one day, he went for a walk in the woods alone, naked. His attention was drawn to a lake with a few jalakanyas, or nymphs, bathing. There were no men around, so the women were all naked and swimming together. Suka came to the lake, looked at them, and then went away again. The women were not embarrassed, and they made no effort to hide their bodies. They didn’t stop playing their game at all. It was Suka’s turn to get up.

Vyasa, Suka’s father, chased after him as he looked for him. When he died, he was well into his seventies. He was an old man and a very good saint. During the time he was following Suka, he also passed by the lake. Their clothes were quickly taken off when they saw him. This is how it worked: In Vyasa’s words: “I’m old, and I’m dressed right.” When my son is young, he’s naked. You didn’t care when he got close to you, but now you’re acting weird. Why?” They said: “He doesn’t have a sexual identity,” they said. We did not feel anything. He looks like a young person to me.

When you don’t think about the past, you’re free from everything. You can see this all over the place. In the beginning, people will trust you right away. They will trust you more than their parents, spouses, or wives because you have no burdens from the past to carry around, so they don’t have to worry about them.

Please, no more smells!
The past will make you smell like everyone else. Personalities are all over the world. Everyone has a unique smell or personality. These are the different types of stenches that live in the world, and they always fight. All of your anger, hate, jealousy, and fear come from the past. People think you’re a mean person because you have to carry both the past and the future. There is no way someone could live a normal life with that much weight on their back.

One can go through this life without this smell. This person can easily cross the sea of samsara. This person will not have to do anything to make what someone else thinks is a big deal happen. Even when you die, you’ll be able to walk through life and death with ease.

If you want to read more, check out the book called “The Mystic and the Muse.” You can read the free sample of the book or buy the whole thing if you want. This book is not for the faint of heart, but it is very good at giving us answers to our fears, angers, hopes, and conflicts about reality. With his answers to questions about life, death, reincarnation and the Self’s path that keep us on the edge of reason, Sadhguru has us hooked.

In order to not be bothered by memories from the past, it is important to know that they can’t be erased. In other words, if we erase our memories of the past, then the future will also be over. This means that we won’t be able to live here or anywhere else. That’s why it’s important to think about the past when you’re planning for the future as well.


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