Your preparation for failure will make you successful’


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Believe me, when Prashanth Neel, director of ‘KGF’ told me this story for the first time, I was in awe. They do not know how to tell a story, they only know how to show a story. And I knew very well that this person only knows the language of the camera.

I had to see him, so I said ‘yes’ to it. My inner voice was telling me that everything will be fine, I was even prepared for what would happen if I failed!

This is what happened when I was living in a lower class family in my village. My parents were scared about me that if I go into the film world then I have no future there. He did not know whether the film world was a good place for me or not.

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He used to say that cinema is not easy, you cannot find it. That’s difficult. All these things were there, but they did not stop supporting me. Whenever I went to a dance competition, or was involved in any theater activity, he was happy, at that time he was also scared from inside. He used to calm down seeing my passion for going to the movies. That’s why he could never stop me.

Parents had clearly told me that if you want to go to Bangalore to become a star, then go, but once you come back, you will not let it go again. They thought I would come back, but I didn’t. The voices coming from inside you are never “wrong”.

It doesn’t mean that you run away from reality. You should know your truth. This same reality teaches you to live with defeat and victory, success and failure. It is never easy to face reality. I agree that success is the most difficult thing to handle. Failures hit you so hard that all your misunderstandings go away. May success lead you to a different world

I agree that success is very difficult to handle, failures are easy.

Go through a path you haven’t seen. You have to tread carefully on unknown paths.

Failure is very practical. People leave you and run away, whoever is close to you will also leave. I have seen all this in my childhood. Those whom our family considered as their own, they all disappeared when we failed to deal with any trouble.

These were the same people who were close to us, had a good time with us, all left. In failure you learn to live with yourself, you learn to cope with it. Failure is a lesson. What is important is that whether you succeed or fail, it has no effect on you.

‘I know I’m best in my own way’

• Good is not enough. I deserve more and that is greatness.

• I do not compare myself with others. I know that I am the best in my own way.

• My success is my revenge on my enemies.

• Taking care of yourself is the most important thing and that doesn’t make you selfish.

I don’t need an alarm clock, my passion wakes me up.

• I can scale great heights, I have the courage to fly.

should not be. Of course, winning brings enthusiasm, I also like to win, but I have to avoid the effects of it. The way I have figured out is that you share the success.

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I consider my success as the victory of the people. Let them enjoy it. I only use success to strengthen myself. There should be no doubt that success gives you courage, gives strength and gives confidence.

It is only with the help of all of these that you can keep up the great work. But remember if you are not ready for failure then you are not ready for success either. Your preparation for failure is what makes you successful.


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