Children used to harass Saisha Shinde, so she is in jail


In the recent episode of Kangana Ranaut’s show Lock-Up, Saisha Shinde joined her. Talked openly about sexual harassment. Sayyeshaa said that all this happened to her only because she was gay.

In fact, in the show, the contestants have shared painful experiences of sexual harassment in childhood. When Munawwar Farooqui and Kangana shared what happened to them, Sayesha also made shocking revelations about herself.

Sayesha shares sexual harassment

After listening to Kangana and Munavvar’s experience of sexual harassment, Sayesha said, “It was my first secret. After both of you, I also remembered my experience. Some people to whom I told all this told me, ‘You very much.’ Indulge in sex and you are gay so this is happening.’ After that I didn’t even have the courage to tell anyone.”

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Saisha has done with many big celebs Work

Sayyeshaa has told many times in the show before that when she was Swapnil Shinde, she felt that she was gay. He had also told that when he decided to become Saisha from Swapnil, then he had to go through mental struggle many times.

Talking about Saisha, she is a celebrity designer and she has worked with many big celebs. Munawwar was assaulted at the age of 6 had gone

Munawwar told his secret, “I was only 6 years old when I was sexually abused and all this continued till I was 11. My own two relatives assaulted me for 4-5 years. That’s it. At the time I was young and I had no understanding of all these things. After 4-5 years, once it became too much, both of them felt that now I should leave.

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Munavvar further said that he did not tell anyone about this, but once he told his father about this, he got very angry and said such things should not come out.


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