'Floor Is Lava' raises Season 2 game with a spewing volcano, more gooey lava, sicker wipeouts

Netflix's "Floor Is Lava" is literally the hottest show on TV. Ever since the reality competition first erupted in June 2020

Season 2's five-episode run (now streaming) features a draw that will continue to rock their world: a two-story,

'Floor Is Lava' secrets: How Netflix series bubbles to the top in reality TV's summer of silliness

I want a lava lamp trophy!' out of nowhere." Other improvements spurting life into "Floor Is Lava":

• New wild room platforms: The lava-filled rooms look like a "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" spinoff – a giant Rubik

• Live team jeering: Participants watch their rivals from a new platform above the lava,

• Upgraded lava: The lava mixture recipe remains top secret (Smith promises it's "very safe"

Improved contestants, greater falls: The new season benefited from a 2021 Netflix-wide reality show casting call

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