'Lightyear spoilers! How 'Star Wars' almost changed that huge Pixar reveal, end-credits scene

Spoiler alert: This story discusses important plot points, including the ending of "Lightyear."

The latest Pixar animated film “Lightyear” acts as an origin story for Buzz Lightyear, the inspiration behind the “Toy Story"

Review:Chris Evans' Buzz is more fantastic than plastic in Pixar's spiffy 'Lightyear

Buzz trains a motley crew of rookie space rangers for a mission to defeat Zurg (Josh Brolin)

while overcoming his need to save the day by himself. And when he finally confronts the villain

Zurg reveals himself to be an older Buzz who didn’t learn his lesson about letting others help out

too. Instead of embracing others, this Buzz time-traveled far into the future

and after a successful test flight – following many, many failures – he returns to their space colony to learn that, while he'

put together a horde of mechanical soldiers and traveled back to use young Buzz's hyper-speed crystal to fix everything.