'Prehistoric Planet' shows another side to fearsome predator Tyrannosaurus Rex: The tender lover

'Jurassic World' star Jeff Goldblum:Responds to tweet that he's 'hotter than ever,' says interns 'earned their paycheck'

The Tyrannosaurus Rex has been a screen superstar in the "Jurassic Park"

franchise, showing the dinosaur's awesome killing power. Apple TV+'s

Wednesday's episode of the five-night docuseries (streaming new installments through Friday)

continues its rare natural view of life in the cretaceous period with a snout-nuzzling,

"Movies and TV shows have portrayed them in action-packed activities," says paleontologist Darren Naish,

Famed British naturalist commentator David Attenborough adds to the natural history heft with his narration

an act derived from a 2017 report in the journal Scientific Reports that shows the T-Rex snouts