'SNL' regular Chloe Fineman dazzles impersonating almost every female cast member

Fineman explains how her job at the show is to be prepared to go on if any of the more veteran performers have to bow out.

Fineman s on to mimic Cecily Strong's trademark nasal tone, as well as Melissa Villaseñor's endearingly odd voice and laugh

 That is, until the real Olsen shows up in the bit. "Oh, my God," says a confused Cumberbatch, "the multiverse is real."

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Next, Fineman shows up in host Benedict Cumberbatch's dressing room dressed as Elizabeth Olsen's character  Wanda Maximoff from "Dr

Strange," in order to pitch Cumberbatch on finding a role for Fineman in the next Marvel movie.

starting with Kate McKinnon, who Fineman meets up with in order to really master McKinnon's body language during certain routines.

"Really spread your legs," McKinnon says. "You've got to really make people uncomfortable."