Who are 'Top Gun: Maverick's new pilots? Meet Rooster, Hangman and the rest of the elite crew

Director Joseph Kosinski had a surefire method of determining who had the right stuff to star in "Top Gun: Maverick."

Monica Barbaro rises as Phoenix The one-time "Chicago P.D." actor was gunning to step into the cockpit.

You're going to love Lewis Pullman's shy 'Bob' "Top Gun"

Greg Davis went Tarzan for Coyote Greg "Tarzan" Davis earned his real nickname from his New Orleans childhood.

Jay Ellis was almost too tall for Payback Jay Ellis has no problem with jets

Danny Ramirez turned Fanboy for flying Danny Ramirez,

Glen Powell kills it as Hangman "Scream Queens" star Glen Powell, 33,

Miles Teller is Goose reborn as pilot son Rooster Pitching the "Top Gun" sequel to